The 2017 entry list is below. We will soon be taking entries for the 2018 Race of Remembrance and the entry form will be available on this page in spring.

No. Team Class Car(s)
360 Motor Club 1   1600  Mini
 Advantec Endurance  C1  Citroen C1
 ABP Racing   Caterham Caterham Relay
 Ben Hancy   TBC  TBC
 CTS Motorsport  Caterham Caterham Relay
 CTS Motorsport   Caterham Caterham Relay 
CW Motorsport 1 180CC BMW Compact
CW Motorsport 2  180CC  BMW Compact
 CW Motorsport 3  180CC  BMW Compact
Datum Motorsport Lotus  Lotus Exige
Datum Motorsport Lotus  Lotus Exige
Datum Motorsport Lotus  Lotus Exige
David Drinkwater  1800  BMW Compact
 Jaffa Cake Racing  1600  MX-5
 James Tucker  Elise & MX5 Relay  Lotus
Joe Lewis 2000 Clio
 Mad Cat Racing  Caterham Caterham Relay
Marco Aghem  1600  MX-5
Meyrick Cox C1 Citroen 1
Milltek 1 2000 GT-86
MM1 – CRV Invitational CRV
MM2 Mazda 2000  Mk3 MX-5
MM3 – C1  C1  C1
MX5 OC  1600 MX-5
MX5 OC  1600 MX-5
Paul Sheard Racing 1   2000 TBC
Paul Sheard Racing 2 TBC MX-5
Peter Bell  1800  BMW Compact
Philip Waters 2000   Porsche 924
 Revo Racing  Caterham   Caterham Relay
Rich Bernard  Invitational Funcup car
Rich Bernard  C1 Citroen C1
Ricky Coomber  2000 Honda FD2
Rob Boston Racing  Lotus Elise S2
Roddisons 1  1600 Mazda MX-5
Roddisons 2  TBC TBC
 SBP Racing  Caterham  Caterham Relay
 Sofa King Fast  Caterham  Caterham Relay
Sport Devices  2000 MX-5 Supercup
SPS Automotive  Lotus Exige
 Team Tivarney   Caterham  Caterham Relay
Team TWP  1800CC MX-5
Toby Clowes  Caterham  Caterham Relay
Track Scotland  1600 Mini Cooper
Webbers  Invitational BMW 320D



*H* Entered for Heroes Trophy
*R* Relay Teams now