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Simon Roxbee

Simon Roxbee joined the Army in 1991 and served as a Vehicle Mechanic in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, serving in Cyprus, Canada and the Balkans.

Due to service commitments, he missed his grandfather’s funeral, and was unable to be with his mother and sister as they underwent cancer treatment. Being unable to be with his family when they needed him the most led to him leaving the Army in 2001.

Since leaving the Army, Simon has suffered from periods of depression and anxiety. When the most recent bout left him unable to work, he contacted Help for Heroes to try and access help. After contacting Help for Heroes, he was passed to the Hidden Wounds Service, which provides support to Ex-Service Personnel dealing with mental health issues. Simon had phone sessions with Hidden Wounds before being referred to his local NHS Service for face-to-face counselling.

Help for Heroes also recommended that Simon engage with a military cohort and suggested contacting The Forces’ Motorsport Charity to engage in recovery sport. Through Mission Motorsport, Simon attended the British Grand Prix as a steward, gaining a Level 2 NVQ in Stewarding.  He went on to join the rally service team on the Defender Challenge Rally, and threw himself into work with Mission Motorsport Livery Suite, learning new skills and developing a fresh perspective.

Through the skills he gained and the contacts he made at Mission Motorsport, he resolved to change his direction in life. His quality was clear and exploiting the networks available to him he was soon in the enviable position of having multiple job offers. Simon accepted a prestigious role as a Vehicle Analysis Technician.

According to Simon, Mission Motorsport and Help for Heroes have been hugely helpful in allowing him to replace some of the elements of his life that he has neglected since leaving the forces.

“Help for Heroes and Mission Motorsport have helped me to organise what was helpful and unhelpful in my life. This has allowed me to get a clear idea of what I am seeking in order to prevent recurrence of the anxiety and depression. This has been the most extraordinary period, and I feel very lucky and thankful.  It’s still a work in progress, but eventually I hope to find the place where I feel like I truly ‘belong’.”